PoLS seminar series

The Physics of Living Systems group at EPFL is a thriving community of life scientists, engineers, physicists, and data scientists working on solving biological problems. To stimulate intellectual exchanges between many disciplines towards a better understanding of life, my colleagues Anne-Florence Bitbol, Felix Naef and I, Andy Oates, created a new seminar series we invite you all to attend: the Physics of Living Systems seminars, with two flavors: physics and data.

 Physics-flavored seminars: 
A new understanding of living systems as physical systems is arising, highlight how biological structure can emerge through energy and matter flows. Seminars will feature theoretical and experimental research exploring fundamental physical processes that living systems utilize to organize and function across scales, from molecules to cells, tissues, organisms and ecosystems.

 Data-flavored seminars:
Biology is increasingly becoming a data science, generating high-dimensional and heterogeneous datasets. Extracting relevant biological insights from those requires the convergence of concepts and methods from computer science, mathematics, physics and engineering as much as biological ones. Diverse approaches are currently being developed, ranging from mathematical and physical modeling to statistical inference, deep learning and topological data analysis. This seminar series will explore these various approaches to biological data, and illustrate how they can impact our understanding of biology.

You now have the opportunity to view or re-watch some of the presentations on our two SwitchTube channels, one is open to the public but the other one is only for EPFL member:

SwitchTube channel public

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